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Non-physical custodial parent wouldn’t return child

Last night I almost didn’t get my little one (LO) back. The ex picked him up like he is supposed to, even though most of the time he does not pick him up or interact with him during the week. I thought that was kinda strange but the little one ran off excitedly. So okay. The boyfriend and I ate dinner and snuggled up talking and binge watching New Girl. It was a good night until around seven when I was supposed to get the kiddo back.

I get a text asking for LO’s social security card number. I tell him that I haven’t been feeling well, but I will look for it and get it to him most likely tomorrow. He texts back, “Do it now.” I restate the previous message again, and I get a call.

EX-H: I told you I need it now. I know you are doing nothing. You are being lazy. Do it now or I am not bringing LO back tonight.

Me: What?

EX-H: You heard me. -click-

He has often bullied me and adult temper tantrum-ed to get his way in the past, but never by not returning my kid. I called back and said this was unacceptable and that the divorce decree states he is to be returned at seven at the latest on a school night. He said he would bring him to school tomorrow…. (in the same clothes, no backpack, or snack, or outside winter clothes). I say I am going to call the police, and his girlfriend shouts in the background, “Why don’t you call the police? hahahahaha.”

I find it and text him that I did. I ask to speak to LO, he says no. And that I need to send a picture of it. I shoot a quick picture of it in the envelope. I get a call back. “All I need is a number and you can have him back.” I start talking and then yelling and he hangs up.

I call the police. They write down the info but tell me unless I have a non-copy of the divorce decree (which I had just given to the people to try and save my house…..) then they can not enforce it. They are no help.

Hours later, after sending the picture and all that stuff I get LO two hours past his bedtime on a school night. He didn’t go to bed until eleven. I didn’t go to bed at all. So that’s where we are at. No more secrets. No more protecting. I’ve been documenting everything. My eyes were open really wide last night. There is no trying to be civil. I  am sad.





7 thoughts on “Non-physical custodial parent wouldn’t return child

  1. How scary and sad. Keep careful documentation and call the police when needed. Even if they can’t do anything there is a record of the pattern of behavior that is official.

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  2. Unbelievable! Next time, don’t answer the text. Definitely a bully in the way he belittled you. You had company. He knew what was expected of him. 😦


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