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February 2016 Goals

The shortest month. It is a good place to start with goals for the year. I’m totally just saying that because I skipped January. So here we are a new month, and I’m ready to tackle some stuff. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to go with my goals for the year. I want something that is measurable and that way I can gauge my success. This month, I want to really focus on getting back into a healthy, active lifestyle. I want to get some sort of finances in order, and stop delaying on things I have been dragging my feet on. Here is what I’m attempting to do this month:


  • Find some new winter activities for us to do
  • Practice reading website once a week/ math activities once a week
  • Leave little notes in his lunch box at least once a week to let him know I love him!
  • Special Valentine’s Day dinner as a family!

Love: I can’t even lie. This area is blissfully happy. So so nice, you guys.

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Leave a sweet love note for him to find


  • Clean the linen closet
  • Organize my bedroom
  • Start a bullet journal


  • Learn what SEO is
  • Get more views this month than last
  • Start using my fancy camera more for pictures


  • Apply at five new jobs.
  • Find a new long term sub position. Or sub at least four days a week around district.
  • Work on my written statements for applying in the 2016-2017 school year
  • Get new letters or recommendation


  • Make money selling crafts
  • Save ever last bit of change possible
  • Donate, sell, trash all extra things

Health: I am starting slow this month to actually accomplish something in this category!

  • Drink eight glasses of water a day
  • Green smoothie for breakfast
  • Decrease coffee and alcohol intake
  • Play Just Dance three times a week

So there are some of the things that I will be working on. I will be sharing about some of them this month. Do you have any goals this month? Wish me luck. I need to turn 2016 around!

xo, Justine



3 thoughts on “February 2016 Goals

  1. All good goals! I’m with you on the health kick too. I want to walk a lot more (although some days difficult while subzero out), but days like today when it’s supposed to be forty degrees, no excuses! A few years ago when one of my goals was to drink more water, I happened to get a really nice glass water bottle as a gift. It had markers on it for ounces/milliliters of water, so I made it kind of a challenge/competition with myself that I wanted to drink X amount of ounces by 10:00am, or whatever, and kept it up throughout the day. Now I’m happy to announce, JUST while I’m at work (so not including the considerable amount of water I drink at home or in the car), I drink a minimum of probably 150 ounces, and that’s on a slow day. It can be done!

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