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February Goals/// Mid-way

Stopping midway to evaluate monthly goals gives me perspective and helps me focus on what I need to continue or work on for the rest of the month. Here is how things are going!


  • Find some new winter activities for us to do. I’ve been really sick this whole month, so I have been slacking. Hoping to find some by the end of the month!
  • Practice reading website once a week/ math activities once a week. The kid is a reading machine. We have been using Lexia at home once a week. He loves it!
  • Leave little notes in his lunch box at least once a week to let him know I love him! He has been loving these! He is saving each one. It is adorable!
  • Special Valentine’s Day dinner as a family! All planned! Lasagna and a yummy dessert by candle light!

Love: I can’t even lie. This area is blissfully happy. So so nice, you guys.

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day. ALMOST HERE!
  • Leave a sweet love note for him to find. Not yet. Unless you count super sweet or steamy texts.


  • Clean the linen closet. Nooooooo.
  • Organize my bedroom. Nooooo
  • Start a bullet journal. Yes! I like it!

Blogging: None have been accomplished yet. I’ve been thinking of looking at my blog as a business or work and spending a little bit of dedicated time each day to learning about it.


  • Apply at five new jobs. YEP! I have a big interview next week!
  • Find a new long term sub position. Or sub at least four days a week around district. I can easily sub five days around the district. They call multiple times a day with jobs that are available!
  • Work on my written statements for applying in the 2016-2017 school year. Half way there!
  • Get new letters or recommendation. Asked two people. Need to find a third to ask.


  • Make money selling crafts I have some new ideas for crafts to try on top of my old ones. I plan on sharing soon!
  • Save ever last bit of change possible. Doing it.
  • Donate, sell, trash all extra things. Slowly selling things.

Health: I’ve been sick all month. I’ve been living on sips of water and bites of pop tarts. I still have half the month to take on more healthy.


6 thoughts on “February Goals/// Mid-way

  1. Love this post it all most looks like my mental list of things I need to get done. But been busy with trying to find a doctor and sick since the first of the year. At least right now I’m feeling better but drained and tired all the time. Heres to a better rest of the month for both of us.


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