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Reading for free on Kindle// January 2016

So I am notoriously bad at returning my library books. Like so so bad. I run up fines on my card and then everyone’s card I know. I have a serious problem. I know. Don’t ever lend me your library card. I won’t return the books on time. Even if I promise.

So anyway, I still NEED to read, but I have been dragging my feet about paying my library fines. So, I have been downloading free books on my kindle app to read. I wanted to read something that wasn’t so serious and maybe a bit out of the norm for me. I needed distraction and these provided it, but honestly, none so far were stand out must read books. Of course, that is just me. Here is what I have been reading lately!

His First Christmas by Lara Hunter. It was about a girl who loves Christmas. She falls in love with the boss of her company. It was a cute quick read.

Cautious, by Elizabeth Nelson was a super steamy novel. It held my attention, but honestly, I have read novels who build the steam-factor a bit more before jumping right into the you-know-what. That being said, some times relationships are like this, so it isn’t really unrealistic. It was a bit predictable, but I find these types of novels pretty formulaic anyway. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading them any time soon!

Remember When, by T. Torrest was a book I did enjoy a bit. It is a book about first love. Most people never forget their first love, and the main character in this story is one of them. It is a flashback to those days when this relationship started. I would definitely read the others in this trilogy.

Any others I should download for free? What have you been reading lately?


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