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Friday Favorites #21// Coffee Mugs

I recently started a collection. Last year, when I went to New York City with the family, my love and I each picked up a coffee mug at M&M World.

I didn't choose the mug life. The mug life chose me. Cheesy, but I'm pinning it anyway.:

We wanted to commemorate our first family trip together. I’m not sure if I will do it all the time, but it gives me the warm fuzzies to drink coffee, tea, or *ahem* wine out of one of them. Currently, most of my mugs are generic and boring but here are a few that I love from around the web and would love to add to my home!

I was probably one of the biggest fans of Saved By the Bell EVER. I basically learned what it would be like to be a teenager when watching these shows. Saved by the Bell with Miss Bliss? Watched it! The College years? Loved it! The New Class? Every Saturday morning! My absolute favorite is the well known version. When Zack and Kelly broke up outside the dance, I cried my eyes out. And who can forget when Jessie became addicted to caffeine pills? It was one of the most serious episodes, EVER. And I will never forget it when I’m so excited drinking caffeine out of this mug! 


Jessie Spano "I'm so excited coffee" mug Saved by the Bell by perksofaurora, $16.00:

It is no secret that I adore my pets. This cat mug will let me showcase my crazy cat lady side! I’ve totally embraced it at this point, so why not have a mug to celebrate all things cat?

Cat Mug, Set of 2 | World Market:


Finally, my family somehow became a family of gamers. Well, my sweetheart and kiddo are big fans of video games. I mostly listen to them talk about them and watch them play. But back when games were simpler, aka. the Nintendo days, I was obsessed with  Mario Brothers. I still am kind of, so this mug in my collection would be fun to help me power up! (OMG….. sometimes I even embarrass myself)!

Power-Up Mug

Anyway, there is about a million more on my wishlist on Pinterest. Feel free to follow me there or on Facebook! And tell me, do you have any collections?

xo, Justine


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  1. Janaab Masoom Sahab,Yeah, I’m from Bareilly and now in Lucknow.RKS Bhai have studied in Kanpur (I guess HBTI or IIT)Suprabh bro is from Hal/anayDerhi and his Nanihal is from Kanpur.


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