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Five things I learned when I took a social media fast

I mentioned previously, that I was taking a break from Facebook. Well, my plans were kind of destroyed by the fact that I got sick and was home for ages…. So realistically, I was Facebook free for a mere THREE days. It doesn’t sound like much, but for someone obsessed with social media, it wasn’t that easy.


Even though my plan wasn’t quite a success, the three day break did teach me a few things. Here is what I learned:

  1. I was able to evaluate relationships. Once I deleted all of those people, (around 200 to be exact), I initially felt very guilty. I mean, I was ruthless with the delete button. Basically anyone that was a mutual shared friend with my ex-husband went. That meant old friends, in-laws, even family members. I do want to maintain contact with some of these people, and will probably do so outside of Facebook for the time being. I realized I wasn’t worried about everything else going on in everyone’s lives. I wasn’t checking on whether someone I knew in elementary school got a job or if a person I met out one night’s doctor appointment went okay. As I know, I have to work on creating healthy boundaries, and this makes it so I don’t take on other peoples’ worries.
  2. I had less contact with people who drain me. I stopped hearing from the ex-husband and family members calling to complain about something I did or didn’t do. To the people who stalk my Pinterest board and tell people/think my pins are about them :) they aren't.: No one can relay that I posted a picture of the kid eating a peep at 10:30 at night or that some sort of positive message that I posted was probably about them. It gave me a bit of relief from the constant anxiety and stress I felt.
  3. Less snooping, meant less agitation.Β I will be honest. I wasn’t checking in to monitor what the ex was doing when I wasn’t on Facebook. "Whenever I'm Facebook stalking someone and find out their profile is public, I'm like a kid in a candy store. 546 pictures? Don't mind if I do!":
    The fact that he may have spent a bunch of money on something or someone while he isn’t paying child support….. well, I didn’t know. It didn’t let me get angry about it. In reality, there is nothing I can personally physically do about it anyway, and I am aware of the type of person he is already. So I don’t need to spy and see my suspicions are correct and then get annoyed over it. He is who he is, and he isn’t going to change. I need to accept….. AND BLOCK.
  4. I am an escapist. I need an outlet to turn to when my stress or anxiety is overwhelming. Lately, it has been overwhelming times infinity! I was using Facebook as a means to distract myself, but in many ways it was increasing my anxiety. I need to find an outlet, preferably a creative, calming one.
  5. Checking social media is a habit. I would rather be doing something constructive instead of wasting time scrolling on Facebook.#True that: There is a lot of time when I check social media just because it is something I do. When I’m not using it, I read more, spend time with the people I love more, and I am more engaged.

So overall, while my experience didn’t go exactly as planned, I can say I’ve learned quite a bit. I plan on sticking to limiting my Facebook time in the future. Well, except for my Facebook page for this blog. πŸ˜‰

xo, Justine


11 thoughts on “Five things I learned when I took a social media fast

  1. I did the exact thing on my facebook. I deleted over 2000 people and it felt so good. Id much rather quality over quantity any day. We seem some what alike. It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak so honestly.

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  2. Social media can be very draining, I’ve always wanted to take a week where I delete all of its apps off of my phone–but I haven’t gotten there yet. I will be starting going a day or two without it first

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