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February Goals 2016// Update

February flew by for me! I actually accomplished a few big things that weren’t in my goals this month. I registered my car after the ex went behind my back and cancelled my registration on me. So now I can drive again! And I submitted the last bit of paperwork before the foreclosure mediation appointment for my house. Those were huge things hanging over my head, and now that those are accomplished, I can move onto the other big things one at a time. My February goals were mostly successful. I must say, even though I was super sick this month, I got quite a bit accomplished! Here is how I did!



  • Find some new winter activities for us to do. Now that we have the car registered and taken car of, we can go out and do more things. My calendar is filled with lots of fun Easter-y stuff coming up. I also am planning a play date with some kids from his school to see a new movie!
  • Practice reading website once a week/ math activities once a week. He is growing in leaps and bounds in reading. He loves writing. He is good at math but is dragging his feet when it comes to practicing it. One of my “things” as a teacher is that automatic recall of basic facts really help influence math performance. I am going to be thinking of some fun math games to use to practice this skill.
  • Leave little notes in his lunch box at least once a week to let him know I love him! Logan is loving this. It can be something super simple or something I printed out online. He talks about it as soon as he gets off the bus! 
  • Special Valentine’s Day dinner as a family! We did this. It was fun. And oh-so-yummy!


  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day. We did! Late night cuddling and romance after the little went to sleep!
  • Leave a sweet love note for him to find. Does today count? It said, “I love you with my whole butt. I would say heart but my butt is lots bigger!”


  • Clean the linen closet. Half organized. And by this I mean I used all the towels on one shelf so that shelf is clean!
  • Organize my bedroom. I don’t even want to talk about this.
  • Start a bullet journal. Yes! I like it!

Blogging: I have joined a bunch of Facebook blogging groups. I have been learning a bit here and there.


  • Apply at five new jobs. Yep!
  • Find a new long term sub position. I got an interview but my little was too sick for me to go and they couldn’t reschedule. Such is the life of a mom sometimes. Something better will come my way!
  • Work on my written statements for applying in the 2016-2017 school year. Finished
  • Get new letters or recommendation. Need to collect them from people and find a third person still!


  • Make money selling crafts. Okay so, I have sold about four growth charts this month. I haven’t been putting it out there because without a car I haven’t been able to go to the lumber store. Now that I am back on the road, I can start side hustling some more!
  • Save ever last bit of change possible. Doing it.
  • Donate, sell, trash all extra things. Slowly selling things.We have an abundance of people who use the yard sale sites in my area so, it hasn’t been as easy as before. I am thinking of possibly branching out to ebay for some things.

Health: I’ve been sick all month. I am still sick. It is the sinus infection that never goes away. I have been drinking lots of water though!


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