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March Goals 2016

Welcome March! It is almost spring, which is one of my most favorite times in New England! It stays brighter for more of the day and I can get back outside. Flowers are blooming and I just feel happier after being stuck inside all winter! I have a lot that I want to accomplish, as usual, this month.

to the most incredible mum on the planet


  1. YouTube channel? The little has been begging and pleading to start a YouTube channel. I think I would make him the happiest kid in the world if I figured out how to do this!
  2. Easter egg hunt extravaganza. Lots of local events where you can pet baby bunnies, do Easter-y crafts and even visit with the Big Bunny, if you like that sort of thing. Lo does not typically. Plus, collect and hunt for eggs! With Candy!
  3. Take a hike. It is fun this time of year to wander around in the woods a bit. We would start with a relatively easy walk at somewhere pretty local.
  4. Painting fun afternoon. My little guy is an artist. I’m not kidding. He has been recognized as someone possessing skill above his typical age. He is constantly drawing and I would love to take him to one of those fun afternoons where you create a painting.


  1. Go on a date! My love and I rarely get time alone. Which doesn’t bother us, but I am looking forward to it just being us so we can do something out and adult-like…. and then make out in the car!
  2. Buy a surprise gift. I was actually sick all month last month. I don’t know if it was a combination of a respiratory infection/flu/ stress but I had no energy. I was wiped and REALLY REALLY ill. The guy stepped up big time. He went above and beyond. He let me rest and nap and played with the kiddo. He made dinners and was generally just extra sweet to both of us. I want to repay him, and while there are lots of ways I can do so, I would also like to add a special thoughtful little gift. Just to surprise him and make him smile, because he has quite a nice smile.


  1. Continue to Bullet Journal. I LOVE IT! Yes, I just shouted, that’s how much I am finding it useful. Plus, when you suffer from pretty serious depression on occasion, it is nice to see you are actually accomplishing things!
  2. Create a recipe binder. It will include all our family favorites/ kiddo approved meals.
  3. Declutter. Throw away 100 things. Again. It can be done. I’m thinking about documenting just what is cluttering up my life before sending it packing!


  1. Create an editorial calendar.
  2. Set time aside every day to work on the blog
  3. Post on Life Already in Progress Facebook page more! You can like it here since…..
  4. Try to get more facebook and blog followers! Increase interaction! I like getting to know you guys!


  1. More interviews! I know I sound like a broken record, but I have a pretty exciting interview TODAY! Plus a few more to line up if this one doesn’t pan out.
  2. Submit applications for 2016-2017 school year! It is already that time! Schools are already looking for teachers.My hope is to find a special education position in an elementary school! So keep all things crossed for me. Also, if you are the praying type, I’d appreciate if you throw my name in there! 😉


  1. Second Car. I’m ditching the one that ties me to the ex. Too many problems involving it and I can’t register it because it is under his name. So I’m saving for a very used, will work locally car.
  2. Find out my credit score! Divorce put me through a credit strainer… a grater? Whatever you can think of that is most destructive. Maybe a blender. Anyway…. time to face the music and start fixing and rebuilding.
  3. Expand my crafting. I love it and it makes a bit of pocket money. I’m thinking of looking into wood burning. Thank god for 50% off coupons!


  1. Drink eight glasses of water a day.I’m keeping track in my bullet journal. Glug, glug, glug…. and I’m not talking wine…. for once.
  2. Move my body at least three times a week. I am super weak right now. I need to rebuild my strength back up so I can tackle the exercise program I want to. I want to do more than three times a week, but I’ll start off there.
  3. Green smoothie it up! Spinach, kale, fruit, chocolate cashew milk…. it is like a milkshake…. with vitamins!

So, wow! That’s a lot of things. I think I can do them! What about you? Do you have any goals for this month? Also, my blogging buddy, Allison, posted her own monthly March goals. You should check them out! She’s super fun! Happy March!

xo, Justine


19 thoughts on “March Goals 2016

  1. Great goals! I currently use an editorial calendar for blog posts and it has helped me greatly! Also look into Buffer.com. They can help you schedule social media posts say for Facebook or Twitter. I use it all the time and really like that I can schedule things ahead of time.

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  2. It sounds like you have some awesome goals! I recently read the Life Changing Magic of tidying up and it motivated me to toss TONS of stuff! It may help with your purge off 100 items! 😉

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  3. I love that a goal of yours is to guy your hubby a gift! I love doing stuff like that. It’s so much more special than christmas or birthdays because it is random, kind and so thoughtful. I got my husband a surprise English Laundry shirt a few months ago and he was thrilled!!!! I got him some for Christmas and he seemed excited but also not surprised… anyways, great post!
    Danielle Greco | AccordingtoD.com


    1. We usually do leftovers for lunch. When my little guy wasn’t in school lunches were hard though. There are lots of great ideas out there. I really like weelicious if you want some more ideas!


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