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Little Happy List #1

A while ago, I talked about the practice of gratitude. I was a bit derailed, but with a new year, I’m hopping back on the gratitude train. Every once and a while, at Life Already in Progress, I am going to share my Little Happy List. It is a list of the little things that might go unnoticed if I didn’t document them. And little things add up, to great big things, and great big happiness. That is what I am hoping for, anyway! Little Happy List

  • My car FINALLY getting registered!
  • The boyfriend LOVING his new job!
  • L getting recognized in school for being a super, great kid!
  • Nighttime glasses of wine
  • Hand me down clothes
  • Trips to thrift stores
  • Endless love and support from my ❤
  • Snuggle-y bed time reading

Want to join in on the fun? Write your very own Little Happy List! Feel free to even grab the graphic I created, if you would like! Tag it Little Happy List and share or leave a comment! I would love to read what is making my lovely readers happy right this very moment!


xo, Justine


12 thoughts on “Little Happy List #1

  1. What a sweet list of gratitude! I have been playing with gratitude in various forms for years. When I find my interest dropping off I simply shift the focus a bit to things like magical moments or time well-spent, but it really is all about gratitude.

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  2. I have a similar list that I do the first tuesday of every month called GratiTuesday but the happy list sounds so much better. It’s important to acknowledge the small things that we are grateful for and that make us happy

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