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Friday Favorites #22

Happy, happy, happy Friday, my friends! I woke up to my  phone ringing early this morning, with someone just trying to bring me down. They wanted to bully and be mean to me, but I stuck up for myself. I wasn’t going to let that influence my day. And it’s not. Instead I’m looking for the things that make me smile. Like this! It’s time for another round of…… Friday Favorites!


Okay, so I know I posted about all things coffee mug last week, but this one was brought to my attention. And with people who like to blog, I thought I would share.


Blogging Day Mug
Image from:


How cute is this one from chickandblossom? Actually, all of her stuff is super adorable. I could build my whole collection from her mugs!

I have been thinking about bringing plants into my house. I’ve been reading a great deal about how they are natural purifiers, plus I just like them. Unfortunately, every time I do, my one cat, Scout, thinks said plant is his personal buffet! There air plants hang and I think they would pretty up the office space in my home that I am planning for.

airplants hanging in glass bubbles... i want a hanging garden of these. They would be GREAT in a sun room in a little cluster...:
Image: from Re-nest

Lastly, you might not know if you are a new reader, but I adore BRIGHT colors. I feel like surrounding myself with cheery colors make me more cheery. Also, I get a lot of mail, and let it pile up and drive me bonkers. When I saw this vibrant makeover of a mail organizer from Bloomstead Homestead, I fell head over heels for something I might have passed up on a thrifting trip before. Now it is on my list of things I must purchase if I ever come across one!


Easy Mail Organizer Makeover
Image from Blooming Homestead

So those are just a few things this Friday to look at and love, or hate if your tastes are different than mine. That’s cool, we are all different when it comes to these things! What are you like/loving this week?

xo, Justine




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  1. I got a terrarium kit that was a hanging one just like that for my birthday last year and sadly I broke it as I was moving stuff around =/ And also sadly, I can’t even keep my terrariums alive, I forget to water them as well =/ Someday I will be good at owning plants! Lol


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