Weekly Meal Plan #21

So my meal plan is getting up a bit late tonight! Normally I post it in the morning, but instead I took the morning and lounged around in bed with my love and read a book. It was lovely, but I didn’t get my shopping done and am just now sitting down to make my grocery list for the week.

MealPlan SundaY

Here is what I’m having:

Monday: Pizza night! 🙂

Tuesday: New recipe: Bruschetta chicken

Wednesday:  New recipe: Sausage and kale pasta
Image by Honeybee Homemaker

Thursday: A tried and true favorite! Everyone loves it, chicken fajitas.

Friday: Cashew chicken in the crockpot

Image: Strongandfit4yourlife

Saturday: Hearty Beef and Butternut Squash stew

If you notice, I am trying a lot of new recipes this week. I was able to find the 21 Day Fix on a Facebook yard sale site for only fifteen dollars! So I am trying out some recipes to find some tried and true ones for when I start it!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan #21

    1. Me too! I like to try new recipes often. I do have tried and true ones for nights that I don’t want to think but I love planning and discussing what we thought of something new! We are currently on a kick of creating our own healthier Chinese food!

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      1. YUM! Creating healthier recipes is my favorite! Although I haven’t ventured into Chinese food and I really should! It’s a favorite for sure!!


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