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March Goals// Update

So we are half way through March! It is time for me to check in with how I am doing with how I am doing with my monthly goals. I’ll refresh your memory and then tell you how it’s going!

to the most incredible mum on the planet


  1. YouTube channel? I have been researching the heck out of it. I think we should just dive in. Let him start and learn that way. He already has so many ideas and it would give him something fun to do.
  2. Easter egg hunt extravaganza. This starts next weekend!
  3. Take a hike. Not yet.
  4. Painting fun afternoon. He did this!


  1. Go on a date! We didn’t go on a real date, but we did get to go shopping alone. Does this count? I say yes!
  2. Buy a surprise gift. Not yet……..


  1. Continue to Bullet Journal. I’m doing this. I honestly like it! You can check out my bullet journal board on Pinterest if you are interested in what it is all about!
  2. Create a recipe binder. I am saving them all. I just need to print and place in a binder.
  3. Declutter. This is an ongoing process. I throw stuff away and more stuff comes in. I am drowning in a sea of mail and school work. I throw it away but it is always cluttering up my breakfast bar somehow!


  1. Create an editorial calendar. I did this, but I’m not following it currently. I am having a sort of motivation, chronic sleepiness problem due to daylight savings time.
  2. Set time aside every day to work on the blog. At the beginning of the month, I was doing a great job. Again the last week or so, I have fallen off on this. I have been really tired and run down. I haven’t been sleeping well at night, so I have been napping instead.
  3. Post on Life Already in Progress Facebook page more! Yes! I am. I share other blog post and cute things I find around the world wide web!
  4. Try to get more facebook and blog followers! Increase interaction! I am doing okay with this! Facebook is the slowest growing for me, but again the beginning of the month was more successful. This is why I look half way through! To invigorate myself again into finishing the month off strong with these goals!


  1. More interviews! Did it. Got a wealth of jobs to pick from. I am still submitting more applications all the time to find jobs that work perfectly with my schedule and make more money!
  2. Submit applications for 2016-2017 school year! In progress.


  1. Second Car. So far, we are in the saving process. I might end up buying one from those no credit, bad credit places and see if I can finance……because, I needed to…..
  2. Find out my credit score! I did. I need to rebuild it big time.
  3. Expand my crafting. Not yet. I did make a Easter wreath for my door which is super cute! But I haven’t sold anything lately.


  1. Drink eight glasses of water a day.I’m doing this. The medicine I was on made me super thirsty so it wasn’t hard to do.
  2. Move my body at least three times a week. No. I am barely moving.
  3. Green smoothie it up! Well, I ‘m drinking one now, so go me!

Surprisingly, halfway through, I would say I am doing okay with the goals this month. There are some that I need to re-commit to, but overall, not too bad! How are you doing with your goals? Are you crushing them? Also, how do you motivate yourself to work out? This has been my ongoing struggle and I need some tips!!!

xo, Justine


3 thoughts on “March Goals// Update

  1. Great Goals! We have the same goals as far as blogging. I too have an editorial calendar but I am not following it. I try to wake up earlier so that I can get my post done before I start my day.


  2. You’re doing good girl!! I totally did my update and then forgot to post 😦 It’ll go up this weekend! And heck ya, just dive in on the YouTube thing! Why not right??


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