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Family Adventures #1// Pet goats & eat cheese

We started our Family Adventure Challenge! I jumped feet first in, since I have a hundred things to do this year with this little family of mine, so I made the first one a good one.

Family Adventures

The weekend was beautiful! So warm and sunny and spring-like that it made sense to do something outdoors.
Oak Leaf Dairy 5

And what is better than visiting a farm and playing with a hundred baby goats? Honestly, not much. I didn’t know goats were so loving and playful, but they are kind of like dogs that trust absolutely everyone and just can’t get enough love….. EVER.

Oak Leaf Dairy 1


Logan made a best friend for life!!!! I almost took one home, but the boyfriend stopped me. Also, they weren’t for sale, so it would have been a crime to smuggle/snuggle a adorable little baby out of there. Oak Leaf Dairy 2

We also got to taste their homemade goat cheese (yum) and homemade goat milk caramel. We left with a bit of sundried tomato and garlic goat cheese instead of the goat. They also had grown up goats and dogs to pet and visit. Every one was great. I honestly found my new happy place. Oak Leaf Dairy 3

No matter what kind of day you are having, you can’t feel sad when a baby animal thinks you are its mom.

Oak Leaf Dairy 4

These two rock my world. They are the best family I could ever hope for! We had a lot of fun. It was a great beginning to our family adventures. I already have some more things lined up! But honestly,  I can’t wait to go back!


10 thoughts on “Family Adventures #1// Pet goats & eat cheese

  1. Oh my goodness these baby goats are TOO cute!! Weirdly enough, my family’s little “farm” just had a baby goat a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait to meet him when I am visiting TX for Easter. You’re post just got me so excited!


  2. How wonderful it is when you so close to talk to animals! For children, it is just a delight! And the opportunity to try local cheese – twice the fun! Mmmmm..dried tomato 🙂


  3. I would love to have the chance to bring my children to experience your kind of family adventures. I’m from Malaysia and the weather and farm here is definitely not the same as how it looks like over at your part of the country.


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