Things that help lessen my anxiety

A repost from when my blog was just a baby. 🙂

Life Already in Progress

I rarely feel angry. I feel sad or depressed or afraid. Hardly ever angry or mad. I don’t know what this means. Maybe I should google it, but I have a long standing promise with my therapist to not google any sort of health related things, including this with mental health Lately though, my mental health has been alright. The excessive ruminations have been ok. I worry but not to the point that I get so scared that my body gets tingly or I feel like I cannot function.

Click on the picture to see how it feels to have anxiety!

Here is what I have been doing to keep my anxiety sorta kinda under control like this very second:

  1. First and foremost, obviously medication. I know I will never be someone who can do without it. I’m completely okay with that. I have had asthma all my life and wouldn’t stop taking my asthma medicine to try to prove to…

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One thought on “Things that help lessen my anxiety

  1. I too have cut out negative people. I think it made a whole lot of a big difference. I dislike people who jump to judging and try to put you down. I can’t really say my anxiety lessened, but it sure did improve. For me, I think having closure on my divorce once it’s done will change my world around. And I would definitely be able to see my path clearly…


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