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Meal Plan #24

I’ve been slacking on the meal plan these past few weeks. There is lots going on behind the computer screen. Life has been a struggle these past few weeks but I am trying my best to re-evaluate and readjust the things that I thought were already figured out. The least I can do is actually control one thing, my meal plan this week!

MealPlan SundaY
I promise it will be on a Sunday again…. and I’m too lazy this Monday morning to change the graphic. 

Monday: Pizza night like always. It is delicious and the boyfriend was a pizza cook for a lot of years so it tastes super professional.

pizza dough
Check out that perfect pizza dough

Tuesday: We have LOTS of Easter dinner leftovers. We will have them again tonight.

Wednesday: New recipe: ham pot pie

Thursday: Grilled panini sandwiches with ham and cheese and some other magic the guy can conjure  up. After this we will freeze any and all leftover ham to use at a later date.

Friday: Leftovers buffet!

Saturday: We are going out to eat! We NEVER EVER do this, so it will be a special treat!

Sunday: Salsa chicken tacos in the crock pot. Frozen chicken breast and favorite salsa placed in crock pot and cook on high for four hours or until done. Shred mix back in. Delicious. I usually add other veggies with it to boost up the nutritional value.

So there it is. Unfortunately it might not be terribly exciting this week, but money is at an all time low for the food budget so we only buy the bare necessities. Frozen veg, milk, cheap fresh fruit, those kind of things until next week. What are some of your favorite, basic, cheap recipes?

xo, Justine


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