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Life Lately

My one word this year to guide me is Light.

This kid is my ultimate light.

Logan 2012

There have been many good things. I got a job tutoring for the school district which is well paying and really gratifying. I work with great kids.

Also things have been going well for my little family. We are close and tight knit and full of love and laughter. We goof around and really enjoy being in each others company.

Oak Leaf Dairy 4

Holidays are kind of a tough day for me as a divorced parent. At least I get to split them 50/50 since we live close enough to each other.

Easter 2016

There were a few hiccups but mostly we got to do all our Easter-y activities. The kid was happy and that is all that matters to me.

Personally, I am going through a bit of a rough time. I keep my eyes and mind focused on the good parts, even when dark clouds are lingering up ahead. And I remember, no matter what, the most important part about a family is not the house they live in but that they are together and the love that they share. And in that area, we are doing more than okay.

xo, Justine


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