How I learned to save money by being broke// Part 1

Written: December 2015

I have no problem saying that divorce has left me broke, financially-wise. A few months back I wrote a post about how I save money at the store while shopping. This month, I am sharing how I save money at home.

save money at home

  1. Make cleaning supplies. You can always use coupons to get cleaning supplies on the ultra cheap, but I have at points found baking soda, vinegar, and some other things my very best friends when it comes to cleaning. There are a wealth of frugal cleaning supply recipes around the web. I have made my own laundry soap as well as shower and tub cleaner, both which have worked beautifully and saved me cash.
  2. Buy energy saving light bulbs. It might not seem like a lot but every little bit of money you save adds up. The energy saving bulbs cut down on electrical costs. We have at least twenty one bulbs we use on this house on a regular basis. That accumulates! Even better, I try not to use the lights unless I really have to. If it is just me watching a late night movie? I usually curl up under a blanket and use as little light as possible.
  3. Cut electric costs even more! Unplug appliances not being used.Keep your thermostat low and use blankets. We have a wood stove which helps to alleviate our electric heat bill quite a lot! We haven’t turned the heat on once yet!
  4. Be conscientious of electricity usage. When you aren’t in a room turn lights off. Make sure appliances are fully off. Bake a few thing at a time so your oven doesn’t have to pre-heat over and over again.
  5. Wear and repair clothes rather than going out and buying new ones, do with the ones you have. I basically wear things until they are no longer able to be mended. Logan wears hand me downs and clothes until he out grows them. We keep sets of play clothes to wear for arts and crafts and outside messy times so his regular clothes don’t get stained. If they do, as does happen when you have a little boy, I keep a stain stick handy and pre-treat stains before washing. Usually that makes them look as good as new!
  6. Run the dishwasher only when it is completely full. That way you are running it less. You can wash things by hand instead, but honestly, I hate washing dishes and the dishwasher is like my kitchen bff.
  7. Recycle cans and bottles to get the bottle return! I wait until they accumulate a bit and then got for a trip and get a few dollars back!
  8. My last tip for the day is now that cold weather is approaching, make sure your house is insulated. Seal those holes and drafts to keep your house warmer for longer!

How do you save money at home? Give me tips! I am always looking for more!


13 thoughts on “How I learned to save money by being broke// Part 1

  1. I make my own garbage disposal cleaner and it works great! I like this list, it’s a great place to start. I also shop at thrift stores and dollar stores for a lot. I just spend $25 on a dog crate instead of $100 at a regular store!


  2. Love these ideas – I will definetly be adopting some of them to make a little extra $$ for the summer recreational season. Thanks for sharing!


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