April Goals

Happy April! This is rolling out a bit later than the usual, but goals! I have some!

April Goals


  1. Arrange a few play dates.
  2. Big changes will be coming most likely. I’m going to look into how to help the kiddo deal with them.
  3. Make sure he maintains contact with extended family on both sides. The ex is not very involved with his family so I have to reach out to make sure he still sees them.


  1. Recognize all his efforts.
  2. Daaaaaate. For real this time.


  1. Yard sale! 
  2. Sell five things a day on online yard sale sites. Or at least post them!
  3. Organize and weed through all places you can see. Closets and drawers follow.
  4. Create recipe binder. Now that I’ve printed out a bunch it is time to make one!


  1. Create an editorial calendar. I’m going to try to follow one again next month!
  2. Keep up my interactions with other blogs. 
  3. Vlog again? 


  1. Get my letters of recommendation.
  2. Look for and apply for summer school positions and tutoring positions.


  1. Save every last bit of change, yard sale funds, etc. 
  2. Call people I am in collections with and make a payment arrangement.
  3. Spend on ONLY the bare essentials. I’m trying to build my savings as quick as possible.
  4. Ditch the car that I can’t drive or register because someone is preventing me to do so. By ditch I mean give it back to the ex.


  1. Set up a meeting with my therapist. Mental health, y’all.
  2. Figure out what is blocking me from starting to exercise again. I think it is old self sabotaging stuff.
  3. Move around. Take walks, work out side, pack stuff up, dance, whatever it may be.

I’m going to need to get my booty in gear. But here goes nothing!

xo, Justine


5 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Family always first😊
    Must be hard keeping everyone in contact, if you are on the outs with your family and “the ex” isn’t much involved with his. Parenting always managing the good, bad and the difficult


  2. What an organized list! I’m loving it. I should really do a blog calender, I’ve been using the notepad app on my phone. I need to figure out my hold up on excersize too, I don’t mind waking, I love that. Anything other than that besides yoga I always find an excuse. Good luck on your goals!


  3. Bianca, these are ablsluteoy divine! All of your hard work has definitely paid off. The outcome is absolutely magic!I love them all — they are perfect for Spring Racing season. Well done!xo, Lisa.


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