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Tiny Pieces

Hey there. I disappeared. It is what I do. Withdraw from the world. I don’t respond to texts, phone calls, or even blog to get my thoughts out. It is a strategy. A crappy one, but one I still use from time to time.

I fell apart. Into tiny Justine pieces. I had court two days in a row at the end of March. I never went to court until I got divorced now I feel like I’m always there. The first date was for the ex defaulting on child support for the last six months. I told him I would forgive it if he just signed over the house to me. He told the judge he would rather go to jail than do that because I didn’t deserve it and he just didn’t want me to have it. The next was about the house. It looks like I’ll be moving at some point. He refuses to be civil. I’m scared to tell my kid.

Immediately after that there were some issues at the dad’s house. L got “a talking to” because he told. I’m going to be headed back to court again to try to modify and gain back some control as a parent when dealing with person who no longer has to hide his manipulations and abusive behavior.

I’m not really okay. I’m getting there. I will be. But right now, I’m not.


6 thoughts on “Tiny Pieces

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s tough. It’s tough dealing with someone who can care less about the consequences affecting his child. You are strong. Don’t let him break you because that’s what he wants…hang in there it will be okay…


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