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I’ve spent a good deal of time reflecting lately. Thinking about my life and what it was and where it will be going. Uncertainty is never a friend to my anxiety, but I am trying my hardest to exact change. I am back in therapy. I am working out and eating clean. I am saving money. I feel cheery most days. The dark days are still just as dark, but I am trying.

I have been thinking about this blog, and it has always been a chronicle of my personal journey. My journey from my divorce, being a single mom, trying to make myself a better person. I have a new chance to finally discover who I am, and I am taking it for all it is worth. I missed this little space. I missed interacting with you lovely readers. Writing for me is therapeutic, and I will continue being completely honest and open. It’s the only way I roll now.

I will soon be continuing with new posts. I’m working on them as I type. You may find that things have changed a bit around here, but that is because I have changed. I’ll still be talking about all the old things, but some new too. I’m learning that change isn’t always a bad thing. Hopefully you stick around for the ride.

xo, Justine


One thought on “Surfacing

  1. Change can be hard- but once you begin to accept it, I think your anxiety actually improves. [at least it did for me] because I realized that I got through the change and still made it out just fine!


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