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June Goals

I love a new month. It is always so full of possibility. It always makes me hopeful and  super duper motivated to make it the best it can be. So I find that writing down goals that I want to accomplish is one of the ways that I hold myself accountable to actually do stuff besides watch Netflix forever. Here is what I’m hoping for JUNE!

June goals


  1. Have a special kiddo and family date night! Maybe a movie night or thrifting or a trip to an arcade…. any of those would be a blast!
  2. Celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of first grade! I’ve not fully accepted that Logan will be a second grader next year. He is still my baby! But I want to make it fun and exciting for him!
  3. Set up a schedule for this summer full of fun and learning. We have summer reading and math to practice, but I want to prevent summer slide if at all possible by doing fun activities to make our brains work and learn new things!


  1. Spend some time reconnecting.
  2. Hug and kiss him all the time! That one is easy!


  1. Throw away 100 things.
  2. Donate 100 things
  3. Sell like ten things.


  1. This month, I’m just focusing on starting  blog again
  2. Vlog again?


  1. Apply for all the jobs. Already applied for two more today.
  2. Start growing my Beachbody business! I started last month and was focusing on getting myself in the habit. I love it, and am ready to start to help others!


  1. Make a monthly budget. Stick to it. Institute an envelope system as needed.
  2. Deposit an extra amount each week into savings


  1. Clean eating 80 to 90% of the time
  2. Lose five pounds or at least five total inches
  3. Work out six days a week
  4. Continue therapy and reading personal development books

So that is all I am attempting this month. Well officially attempting. I have had a million ideas floating around in my head to keep hustling and growing and changing. I don’t want to get overwhelmed so I’m just starting with these. What are you working on this month?

xo, Justine


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