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June Goals// How I did


  1. Have a special kiddo and family date night! We went out to eat (which we NEVER do) and to a special place of his choosing!
  2. Celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of first grade! See above! We also made a summer bucket list, and we have been having fun checking things off of it!
  3. Set up a schedule for this summer full of fun and learning. We are getting around to it. VERY SLOWLY.


  1. Spend some time reconnecting. Working on it.
  2. Hug and kiss him all the time! Of course.


  1. Throw away 100 things. I did this!
  2. Donate 100 things. I did this!
  3. Sell like ten things. I sold around four things!


  1. This month, I’m just focusing on starting  blog again. Negative.
  2. Vlog again? Working on it!


  1. Apply for all the jobs. I’ve been on interviews, filled out job applications like… well it was my job.
  2. Start growing my Beachbody business! Not there yet.


  1. Make a monthly budget. Did this!
  2. Deposit an extra amount each week into savings. I have enough for a deposit on a new apartment!


  1. Clean eating 80 to 90% of the time…. More like 60% of the time.
  2. Lose five pounds or at least five total inches. I lost three.
  3. Work out six days a week. I started to slack off again.
  4. Continue therapy and reading personal development books. Yes!

Wow! I accomplished a lot more than I thought this month. I’m already making huge plans for July!


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