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Labels are for jars…. and insurance companies

On my post that I wrote about how I plan to change my life, I received a comment. It went EXACTLY like this, “This may be a dumb question, but as I was reading this blog, I noticed something. You say you are a hypochondriac, then u list OCD, Anxiety, depression etc, being a hypochondriac… Continue reading Labels are for jars…. and insurance companies

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Divorce Diaries// Dealing with Worry

For the past few months, I have been very worried. And angry. So, so, so angry. Mostly because it was the middle of winter, and he cancelled my car registration and wasn’t and isn’t paying child support. I didn’t have enough money to get a car on the road…. the list goes on. I was blindingly… Continue reading Divorce Diaries// Dealing with Worry