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Halloween 2015

I love and adore all holidays. Any reason to celebrate, and I am on board!The morning of Halloween we carved and decorated pumpkins.

I gave Logan some “witches brew” to drink as treat. (Sprite with one drop of food coloring)! He never drinks soda so this was indeed very special for him! Stampy was interested in checking it out, (and probably trying to knock it over) too.

Our final masterpieces all together:

It is actually a fine representation of our family. I am the bat…. hahaha!  The little pumpkins represent all our pets!

The boyfriend carved a pumpkin and we all helped, and ate roasted pumpkin seeds!

This Halloween, Little Logan decided after much deliberation to be a spooky ghost. “A haunting beauty” is what he called it. We watched many youtube makeup tutorials on how to make a ghostly face. We bought gray hair spray after, I vetoed a long white wig. he got many compliments on his costume, and he was one very happy kid.

We went to a special place to do some early trick or treating since he was going with his dad to trick or treat that night. He got a glitter tattoo, which is super awesome in his book!

And quite a bit of candy. He loved his make up. He asked me to make his cheeks “pop.” I wasn’t exactly sure, but he thought I did a good job!

Overall, our Halloween was pretty much a success, less spooky and more fun, which is perfect for us!



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