My Ideal Day

My team and I are focusing on the future. We have been sharing what would be our ideal day in our life. I wrote mine out and wanted to share with you my vision.


I wake up naturally, feeling refreshed and well rested. I kiss my guy hello and make breakfast for the little one. Since it is summer, I would take Logan to morning camp which would be a only a couple of weeks per summer. The camp would be focused on things that he was really interested in like art and theater camp. I wouldn’t have to worry about how much they cost, before registering him early enough to get the ones he was most interested in. Once I got home, I’d get my thirty minute work out in, shower and put on nice clothes that make me feel pretty, and then focus on my business for a couple of hours in my super cute office or outside if the weather was nice. I pull up my blog to check that the scheduled post appeared. I respond to comments and write and schedule upcoming posts. Then I  check in on my groups and support people to achieve and believe they are enough! I get great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped a lot of people. I check in with my team, who I had forged real friendships with and feel empowered and happy about those relationships.

My family would be financially comfortable enough for my guy to go back to school since he wants to and to work from home as well developing video games. We are debt free thanks to hard work and owning rental properties to bring us residual income. We have a healthy lunch together, and head off to pick up the kiddo.

My life would be (and already is) my family. Upon returning home, to our farm house with some land and I would see some farm animals that I had rescued in the fields.

Oak Leaf Dairy 5

Logan and I would go over and check on them, spend some time caring for and loving them. Our house is welcoming and warm and super bright because I love bright colors! It is always be open to guests, and I have fulfilling healthy relationships. My friends don’t mind if I haven’t dusted and if there are My Little Ponies scattered throughout the house.

Ultimately, I want to have at least a few more of my own children, and also perhaps foster children who come from at risk situation, so they know what it is like to feel safety, acceptance, support, and love. I would be carrying the motto of being enough into real life with them as well.  I feel people should be who they are, not who they think they should be as long as they are not hurting anyone and doing their part to make the world a more beautiful and kind place.

In the afternoon, I would spend some time with the little one. We would go swimming in our in ground pool. A couple of kids close by, might stop by for swimming, Popsicles, and playing on the playground. I spend some time curled up on my patio working on my personal development. Pet snuggling is an obvious part of the day too, as my animals are loved and very important parts of our family.

My love (who is the main cook) would make a super healthy dinner that we had planned and Logan would eat it happily! We might head into town or take a walk together with the dog after dinner. I put on comfy pjs, and get the little one ready for bed. We would each take a moment alone with him to talk about our day and give love and kisses. Then the boyfriend and I curl up on the couch and watch one of our shows, pausing it a million times like usual to talk and laugh. We  get ready for bed, spend some time together, and then go to sleep snuggled under the blankets with a bunch of cats curled up on the bed. I would fall asleep easily and feel happy, loved, safe, and so grateful.


What would be your ideal day? I would love to hear it!

xo, Justine


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