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December Goals

I’m way behind on my posting of my December goals. Behind the scenes of Life already in Progress things have been a little chaotic. Some ways in a good way, others not so much. But I’m taking things as they come. I want to finish out this year in a better place than this year started, although I did kiss a great guy for New Years…. but I was in a really difficult place. So to finish out the year, I’m trying to have a few measurable achievable goals.

Parenting: Give Logan a nice Christmas!

  • Take Logan to the special luminary walk around our town
  • Celebrate by our great cookie baking extravaganza
  • Institute a new Christmas eve tradition
  • have a nice home cooked family dinner and play with new toys!

Love: Spend some special quality time with the love

  • Late night movie night after the kiddo is asleep
  • A night out on the town
  • A family outing, complete with hand holding and hot cocoa in hand

Household: Three measurable things? Honestly, since I’ve gone back to work my house feels like a pit. Guess, I will start with three small goals to start to get it back on track.

  • Organize, clean, de-clutter linen closet
  • Return recycling
  • Organize and clean the kiddo room!

Blogging: I have been enjoying blogging. To make the experience even more enjoyable here are my blogging goals for the month!

  • Fix up the category headers
  • Participate in Blogmas: 25 Days of blogging
  • Find a new blog a day to follow

Professional: Since I’m all back in the professional working world these days, there are some things I want to start doing to get my old teaching shoes polished up a bit more.

  • Observe the preferred local school achievement test.
  • Ask people to write me letters of recommendation
  • Finish out my long term sub placement


  • Find another long term sub position
  • Find a jug to put all spare change in
  • Sell some things no longer in the house no longer in use


  • Drink eight glasses of water a day
  • 30 day shred
  • No snacking after eight

And there you have it. December is shaping up to be a fun month!


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