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Flip it and reverse it

Something happened this weekend where suddenly I could see things clearly. I regrouped and decided that I’m taking the wheel and driving my own damn life. So what about the other stuff. It’s not meant for me. So, I am starting with the very basics, self care. Taking time for myself, appreciating this life I… Continue reading Flip it and reverse it

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The Struggle is Real

In the past two weeks, I have probably worked out two times. I went from working out six days a week to basically no days a week. AGAIN. My depression was….is swallowing me up. The bags under my eyes grew and I was sleeping my life away when I wasn’t with the little one, but… Continue reading The Struggle is Real

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Labels are for jars…. and insurance companies

On my post that I wrote about how I plan to change my life, I received a comment. It went EXACTLY like this, “This may be a dumb question, but as I was reading this blog, I noticed something. You say you are a hypochondriac, then u list OCD, Anxiety, depression etc, being a hypochondriac… Continue reading Labels are for jars…. and insurance companies

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June Goals// How I did

Parenting: Have a special kiddo and family date night! We went out to eat (which we NEVER do) and to a special place of his choosing! Celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of first grade! See above! We also made a summer bucket list, and we have been having fun checking things off… Continue reading June Goals// How I did

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Why I decided to change my life

As I have mentioned a few times, I had a really difficult time getting started with working out again. I stopped for about a year and a half and I just could not get started again. Instead I would sit and have no energy. A side of severe clinical depression sure wasn’t helping me get… Continue reading Why I decided to change my life

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My inner voice

“It is all your fault.” “You ruin things.” “You deserve to suffer.” “You are a bad person.” I could go on. This has been the long standing internal monologue that I have had in my head since I could talk. I don’t know if guilt was ingrained in me from my strict Catholic upbringing or… Continue reading My inner voice

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I’ve spent a good deal of time reflecting lately. Thinking about my life and what it was and where it will be going. Uncertainty is never a friend to my anxiety, but I am trying my hardest to exact change. I am back in therapy. I am working out and eating clean. I am saving… Continue reading Surfacing